Yoga Exercises: Stretching Muscles Before Training

You probably know how important it is to warm up before you work out. Warming up prepares your body for the increased demands of physical activity, reducing your risk of injury and complications. Beyond sending more oxygen and blood flow to your muscles, a proper warm up also prepares you mentally for what’s to come a workout that may take concentration, coordination and a little motivation.

#Stretching – prevention of injury

Without stretching before training you can injuries your muscles when they are put under too much stress, typically when it is stretched under pressure –for instance, when lowering a heavy weight. The injury occurs not because the muscle isn’t flexible enough, but because the muscle isn’t producing enough force to support itself. A muscle might not produce enough force, either because it is not strong enough or it didn’t contract at the right time for a particular movement.

It is well known that yoga can only improve your physical and mental health, which is why we decided to introduce you to the techniques and moves that are the best relaxing, heating up and preparing the body for exercise.

Usual movements of stretching and warming up muscles before a workout over time can become monotonous and boring.

In the sea of different techniques to prepare the body for exercise, we found a fantastic yoga moves that will keep you on the best way to save for further strenuous training.

At the same time this yoga training relaxes the body and mind, and in a very effective way of warming the body rejecting the possibility of causing injury. Also the results of the latest research showed that regular practice of yoga and stretching exercises as effectively relieve chronic pain in the lower back and improve function of the spine.

This training can practice after your regular workout, when you need a little relaxation.

Here below we present to you motivational video. Enjoy!

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