Wide Trousers are Hit – Learn How to Wear!

They say that fashion dictator have been mercy, seeing us, as walking in tight jeans and trousers in the city, and decided in right time for a new silhouette and new trends. Wide trousers are also official IN! Tight models are classic, there is no need for a complete transformation of the wardrobe and throwing old pants. On the contrary, perceived this trend of wide trousers, as a break from fashion for which we are become accustomed.


Short, wide trousers line will suit any height. The secret of course is choosing shoes and length of the jacket, coat, or top that would combine them. Get rid of the fear and using styling tricks, learn how to wear wide pants.

short wide trousers

The wide leg trousers typically make your legs appear longer, they are extremely flowy which gives a beautiful effect when you walk, and of course they feel as comfortable as they look. We are such a big fan of these and now you  have chance  for the perfect version.

Wide trousers collage

The golden rules:

Wear heels: High heels will make anything you wear look better, but they are especially important with wide-legged trousers as they can have a tendency to make you look wide too.

Try them on with the heels you plan to wear them with, and get the length altered if they aren’t just skimming the floor. You don’t want them longer or shorter.

Go for the high-waisters:  For the same reasons above, a high waist not only makes a feature of the narrowest part of your body, but it makes your legs look endless. Make a feature of your waist with a skinny belt.

Wide trousers collage

Balance them out:  If you are wearing loose trousers, then balance them out with a slim-fitting top. It will lend some structure to your look – head-to-toe baggy clothes can swamp you and make you look larger.

Try:  Finding the perfect pair can be a challenge, as each label has a different approach to cut and style.

The most time-effective way to do it is to hit a major department store when you have a couple of hours to spare. That way you can compare all the different cuts and styles more easily.

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