Triceps Workout, Decline Bar Triceps Extension

Decline Ez-Bar Triceps Extension is a perfect exercise that you should definitely add to your workout routines. By performing this exercise, you are primarily targeting your triceps muscles, but it also has some slightly effects on your shoulder and your chest muscles.

To perform the decline ez-bar triceps extension you will need an ez-bar (barbell). Adjust the weight on the bar and put it on the racks of the declined bench. Now lie down on the bench and place your feet under the foot pads. Using close grip, lift the bar from the racks of the bench and keep it straight over you with your arms fully extended and the elbows in. Just like on picture 1, that will be your starting position.

Starting position triceps

Picture 1.

Whenever you are ready, slowly start lowering the bar towards your head by only moving your forehands. In this exercise the important thing is to keep your upper arms stationary and your elbows in all the time. Continue lowering the bar to a point where it almost touches your forehead. At that point you will feel the stretch in your triceps muscles. Just like on picture 2, that will be your ending position.

Ending position triceps

Picture 2.

Once you feel the stretch in your triceps muscles, make a short pause around 1-2 seconds. When the pause is over start lifting the bar slowly back to its starting position. Lifting the bar should go faster then when you are lowering it. Make this exercise in 4 series, each time making around 10-12 reps. Don’t make this exercise if you have some shoulder injuries, or if you do make sure you have someone behind you to give you support. Don’t overweight the bar because you don’t want any of your muscles to get hurt.

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