Treadmill Workout, 500 Calorie Burner

We all know that there is nothing better then running outdoor on fresh air, but sometimes the weather does not looks good for your running session. When the weather is not good, there is always indoor so called treadmill that will help you finish your running session home, or in a gym. 

The thing with the treadmill is that it will not give you the full results like running outdoor. Running outdoor is a bit harder because the calibration and the physical stress is a lot more bigger than running on a treadmill. The effects will be good anyways, it is always better to do your daily workout routine, than not doing it at all.

Treadmill running

First of all if you can’t run for 60 minutes, to increase your running on a treadmill time, try to run by avoiding the handrails for beginning. That will for sure increase your time of workout, and will make you ready to burn 500 calories daily. Before you start with the workout, make sure you warm up yourself. If this exercise seems easy or hard for you, just adjust the speed on the treadmill the way it fits you more. To burn the 500 calories in just 60 minutes, follow the steps from the picture below that will led you to a perfect result. You’ll get rid of the fat belly in just 2 weeks.

Treadmill table

RPE is the rate of perceived exertion

Make this exercise 5 days a week. If you are facing the treadmill for the first time, call a personal trainer to explain you how it works.

source: http://www.popsugar.com

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