The Sirtfood Diet With Chocolate, Red Wine and Coffee

Believe it or not, now there is a diet that allows and encourages the consumption of chocolate, red wine and coffee which encourage weight loss in just 7 days. Designed and tested by nutritionists Aidan Goggins and Glen Matten, this diet is presented by the book: “The Sirtfood diet: The revolutionary plan for health and weight loss”.


This Sirtfood Diet regime relies on intense of food that encourage the prevalence of a large number of enzymes acknowledged by the name Sirtuin. Studies show that they hold metabolism in restraint and, accelerated burning calories.

Dark chocolate, coffee, kale, red wine (Pinot Noir) – these are all foods that activate sirtuins and switch on the so-called ‘skinny gene’ pathways in the body. These are the same pathways more commonly activated by fasting and exercise – meaning they help the body to burn fat, increase muscle and improve health.

Based on trials that showed an increase in lean muscle, as well as consistent weight loss of 3 kg over the course of just one week, The Sirtfood Diet is revolutionizing sports nutrition and healthy eating.

Written by the nutritional experts behind those trials, and the only book rooted in their scientific research, The Sirtfood Diet gives you:

– a simple, healthy way of eating for weight loss
– inspirational case studies
– delicious, easy-to-make recipes
– a maintenance plan for prolonged success

These are the groceries that activate sirtuin:

Drinks – green tea, unsweetened black coffee, red wine (especially Pinot Noir).

Fruit and vegetables – citrus fruits, apples, blueberries, celery, kale, purple onion, arugula, chicory.

Spices – parsley, turmeric.

Other foods – dark chocolate with least 75% cocoa, nuts, olive oil, salmon.

Basic rules of the diet:

# The first 3 days are entered 1,000 calories per day by eating 3 smoothies and 1 meal made of groceries from the list above.

# From 4th to 7th day are entered 1,500 calories per day by consuming 2 smoothies and 2 meals from the list above.


Goggins and Matten have tested the diet strictly on respondents who regularly, daily training the body. All participants has lost average 3 kg for 7 days.

Add healthy Sirt foods to your diet for effective and sustained weight loss, incredible energy and glowing health.

Source: http://www.amazon.co.uk/The-Sirtfood-Diet-revolutionary-health/dp/1473626781

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