The Japanese Method of Rejuvenation That Erases Wrinkles in Just 5 Minutes!

japanese massage methodTanaka face self massage Give yourself just a few minutes a day and eliminate fine and deep wrinkles, solving swelling and bloated. Japanese rejuvenating facial massage Zogan, in translation means “Creating face” and has an ancient Japanese roots. Japanese stylist and expert on beauty – Yukuki Tanaka has presented and attracted the attention of millions people worldwide. Zogan massage is quite simple to implement, easy to learn and accessible to everyone and takes only 5-7 minutes a day.

In your hands is becoming a powerful  Japanese tool not only for the preservation of youth, but also to a noticeable facial rejuvenation! Yukuki Tanaka guarantee that after two weeks of daily massage can notice the first positive results. Zogan massage visibly reduces wrinkles, skin becomes toned, elastic and smooth, form the correct facial contours, eliminating swelling and puffy cheeks and dark circles are reduce or disappear completely. So strong effect is achieved due to massage certain “magical points of beauty.”

  1. Lymphatic massage Zogan activates the removal of toxins, improves tissue nutrition and frees them from the excess fluid.
  2. Deep face muscle massage, which includes the technique of manual therapy, relaxes muscles, has a beneficial effect on the skin and blood vessels in the face, strengthens and revitalizes them, tightens facial contours.
  3. Daily massaging the face (5-7 minutes per day), will allow to significantly rejuvenate facial skin, eliminate small and significantly reduce deep wrinkles. It solves the swelling, bloated, dark circles and other wattles.

Zogan massage should be performed with the use of oil or massage cream, which is applied to cleansed face.

Yukuko Tanaka recommended cottonseed oil or “golden oil”. It contains large amounts of vitamins, minerals and omega-6 fatty acids. Rich in phytosterols, which gives it the durability, but also allows it to be easily absorbed into the skin. Leaves a special feeling of smoothness, a very light texture and quickly absorbed by the skin. If you can not find cottonseed oil, feel free to use other vegetable oil, perfect for facial skin (such as olive or almond).

This video will show you how to properly do Zogan massage. You do not even need a mirror, just look at the screen of your computer and repeat the movement until you remember!

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