Shoulder Workout, Front Dumbbell Raise

Shoulder workout.

Front dumbbell raise is a great exercise that you should consider adding it to your shoulder workout day. Mainly it is targeting your shoulder muscles, but it also has some slightly effects on your biceps and back muscles. This exercise is easy to be done, and it will boost your shoulder muscles in a short period of time by doing it.

For beginning pick up two dumbbells with the same weight. Now stand straight and hold one dumbbell in each of your hands. In this position, while holding the dumbbells near to your thighs, your palms should be facing your body, just like on picture 1. That will be your starting position.

Shoulder starting position

Picture 1.

As long as you are feeling ready to start the exercise, first slowly start raising your left hand with the dumbbell. Here the important thing is to keep your arms straight all the time, as well as your entire body. Let your shoulder muscles to do the entire work. Keep a slight bend in your elbows. Now continue raising your hand until it gets parallel to the floor. When you hit that 90 degrees angle between your hand and torso, make a short pause, just like on picture 2. That will be your ending position.

Shoulder ending position

Picture 2.

After the short pause, slowly start lowering your left hand to its starting position. Once it is there, switch to your right hand and do the same thing you’ve done with your left hand. While you are lowering the dumbbell, make sure you are not dropping it fast. If you can’t lower it slowly, take another pair of dumbbells, with lighter weight. Do this exercise for about 4 series, each time making about 10-12 reps with each of your hands. Also make sure you don’t overweight the dumbbells, because you don’t want any of your muscles to get hurt.

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source: www.muscleandstrength.com

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