Sex and Its Negative Effects for Bodybuilders

Sex and its negative effects.

As there are some positive effects from having sex, on your workout progress, there are also some negative effects about it. Zinc is one of the important things that your body should reproduce if you are having sex often, which i will write more about it  in this post.

So, after having sex, some hormonal are released in your body.  High amount of oxytocin is released in your body, that makes you feel tired and weak, more then before you had sex. Men at this point usually want to fall asleep. But no worries about it, because the weakness is not lasting forever, and it will go away as soon as your hormonal levels are back to normal in your body. Therefor this is one reason you should avoid masturbating at least five-six hours before you start your workout.

Bad effects from sex

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Now one of the most important things between having sex and your muscle growth is zinc. After each male orgasm, huge amount of zinc is released in the semen. So if you are masturbating or having sex a lot, and therefor you are not  replacing the lost zinc through your food, most likely you will fall in a deficit and no progress on your muscle growth will be visible. For that reason you should more often eat food that is rich with zinc, like liver, pine nuts, pecan nuts, shellfish etc or you can add zinc supplements to your food.

Bad effects from sex

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What i’m trying to say is to at least avoid your so often masturbation part, and your muscles therefor can grow in a normal way, and if you can’t stop yourself, just add the zinc supplements to your diet. Also keep in mind your positive effects from it. The balance is the key for your muscle growth.

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