Rihanna feat Drake: WORK (Video)

Riri finally unveiled us its latest music video for the hit Work which she recorded with rapper Drake! Bad girl seems to be again BAD! At least in his latest music video which only dance atmosphere reminiscent of her mega hit from the beginning of his career, “Please don’t stop the music” in which Riri danced like any pretty young girl, without explicit and dirty moves movement!

Rihanna and Drake

Rihanna and Drake have released a 7 minute+ music video for ‘Work’, but instead of filling the extra time with some sort of loose, mood-filled narrative, it’s just the same song again.

The first music video take place at a Caribbean restaurant-turned-club called “The Real Jerk,”in which Rihanna is very convincingly and impressively transformed from pop stars into shining queen of the dance floor, which is danced surrounded by 420 clubbers out of the dark underground atmosphere. They were usually the star’s friends among whom was of course Drake, and her best friend Melissa Forde and Jen Rosales. The second video is pretty standard fare, with Rihanna dancing on Drake in a purple neon-lit lounge.

Riri showed their dance skills like a real girl from Barbados. The focus was her background which swung, descended and pretty twisted around Drake.

Watch video:

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