Red Color Symbol of Style, Energy and Power

The ladies who have enough self-confidence to experiment with fashion styles and colors look very powerful and provocative at the same time especially when it comes to wearing the color red.  The red color is considered as the most beautiful and attractive in the world of color.

Firstly, the red is very stunning and when a girl puts this color on, she always stands out and attracts 100% of attention from the people around, girls who have not enough confidence about their bodies, they are afraid to wear this color though it is very sexy.

Secondly, if you do not have a beautiful fair, glossy skin, the red can report your skin’s weaknesses such as rashes and paleness.

The third reason is that if the red tone does not match your skin, it even looks more pale and weakened. That was enough to conclude the level of difficulty in wearing the red. However, the red color still has an unexpected charm with beauty. But how to put this color on perfectly, let see some advice below with us.

Red Dresses

Red Dress

red shorts

olivia wilde red dress

Jennifer Lawrence red dress

red glamour

The first thing is that you must know how to choose red tone that matches your skin. Lucky girls who own fair skin with pink undertones will be very comfortable and confident to dress up any color. However, girls with brown, dark complexion should avoid bright red or crimson, instead, red tone with a little of pink or orange will increase pigment for your skin. These tones also have similar effects with fair but pale skin.

Where to wear it? – Red is a very pretty color but not the color that you can wear it everywhere. It is perfect for dates, going out with friends or a big event, but please pay attention when you wear it to work. With office fashion, a red dress seems a little striking. For example, you only need to wear a red skirt, red bag or a red blazer to make enough impression.


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