New Trend in the World of Makeup: Draping! (VIDEO)

The beauty world more and more talk about technique, “draping” that was created to apply blush on the cheek. A new trend in the world of beauty “draping” has a rich history and dates back to the sixties and seventies, when makeup artists mixed colors and got the perfect shade of blush. The situation has changed thanks to the American make up artist Way Bandy (celebrity makeup artist to Elizabeth Taylor, Cher, and Barbara Walters) who was responsible for a brand new technique – “draping”. Today Marc Jacobs is commanding you to start sculpting your face with blush – using the draping technique.

The drape method follows the natural bone structure to create a very made-up look using bright pink blush. The method allows you to change the shape of your face with color, using it to drape the contours of your face to achieve what you desire like sculpt, volume, or simply balance, giving you an ’80s appeal.


Draping is a flexible technique that can be tailored to fit your needs. Marco Jacobs spelled out four different ways to drape and achieve the look for yourself.

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Four ways of draping:

Lift: You need to blend both shades that are one to two shades darker than your skin tone. Then follow it up by placing along the high of the cheekbones. This will “soften” the sharp lines of darker blush.

Sculpt: At this stage, you have to use pink the deeper side of the blush and apply it below the apples of your cheeks, a bit lower on the face so that it creates an oval shape.

Voluminize: Blend both the shades together, and then swirl the blush on the apple of your cheeks. Now blend.

Balanced: Blend a pink blush of your choice over the peak of the brow at the temples, bridge of nose, tip of the chin, and along the sides of the neck near the ear lobes, then blend.

Drape via this tutorial video on draping technique:


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