Natural Nail Growth Treatment

Most of the women face this problem that who can they maintain the beauty of their hands especially their nails, in their daily routine busy life. Keratin is a basic protein which is considered main element for the growth of nail. Nails are also important and attractive part of our body.so we have to care them like other part of body.

#Stay with perfect diet:

Try to selection healthy food, balanced diet play a vital role to regulate all the function of human body. If your calcium and protein intake is good and drink enough water it will decrease the smashing problems because water has good quality to hydrate and moisturized us from in an outside.


#Use garlic paste:

Garlic has miraculous power to grow you nail faster, within a week you can get shinny and pinkish natural nail. Your nails look attractive without nail shades. Take two cloves make soft paste then spread on your nails and rub all around and under your nails. Leave it overnight, and then wash it with mild baby shampoo in morning.

Garlic for Nails

#Almond Oil Massage:

Take 1 cup of warm whole butter milk with 1 tbsp. almond oil, mix them and immerse your nails in it when it gets cool then massage your nails from all over with softly, then cover your hand in a warm wet cotton towel for 5 minutes, after it moisturize your hand it makes your nails grow faster.

Almond-Oil-Massage -Nail

If you want to get strong and beautiful natural nail then apply these tips and considered these precautions:


  1. Don’t biting and cutting your nails. If you feel craving to take nails in your mouth then take a small piece of gum in your mouth to handle this tense situation to stop the desire to nail bite.
  2. Try to wear rubber gloves while cleaning and dish washing.
  3. Go easy on water, nails need to dry after being inundated in water, otherwise they will become week.


  1. Do moisturize daily, dry nails can peel, stiff and crack. Hydrate yourself.
  2. Before you apply polish use a basecoat, it will give more fortes your nails.
  3. While during filing, file in one direction. Going back and forth can be made the cause of reason of cracking and splitting.
  4. Dip your finger in lemon juice, it will gives a feeling of soothing.
  5. Avoid your nails to scratching, doing this your nails may blemish and weaken overtime, always feel as that you have applied wet nail polish on them.

Source: Natural Nail Growth Treatment

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