Most Wanted and Desirable Designers in Vintage Style

Fashion design, throughout history has turned to previous eras for inspiration. They serve as a convenient alternative to those who admire an old style but prefer a modern interpretation. Vintage clothing retains and increases in value due to the fact that it is genuinely from a past era. We present to you the most intriguing and daring designers who have celebrated with fantastic fashion pieces that are still delight.

Yves Saint Laurent

As time passes, Yves work as it takes a new dimension, a new beauty- vintage, becoming more and more special. This designer has created clothes that women not only loved to wear, but needed to wear 24 hours – that was the cult of Yves Saint Laurent. We owe him a big Thanks because he popularized le smoking jacket, the trapeze dress and the jumpsuit. It is especially important not to forget his famous safari pieces and beautiful taffeta and silk dress which was created in the late 70s and early 80s.


James Galanos

Although it is not the most famous name among connoisseurs of vintage fashion, but his work is highly coveted. American designer Galanos made couture-level gowns with a level of craftsmanship that left France’s most esteemed couturiers with their mouths agape. Impeccable production Galanos dress betrayed image of luxury, privilege and belonging to high society. Especially giving the importance of the cut and yelled, forcing its design was magical still is very well worth on the market!


Christian Dior

Influence that has had on the Dior fashion truly knows no bounds. In 1946 he established his mansion and immediately made huge waves in the fashion world. New Look silhouette was a classic and feminine shape that lasts forever. The original Dior pieces that just signed a giant fashion world can cost as much as a Porsche or Audi and hard to find, but they are a must have every passionate collector of vintage fashion. With the death of Dior, in 1957. The house is found in a big mess and the problem, as long as the young Yves Saint Laurent is not placed on the forehead. For this period the most important dress of chiffon from the late 60s to early 80s.


Thea Porter

When we talk about the greats of British fashion from the 60s and 70s of the last century, first we think about Ossie, Clark and Biba. However, the first exhibition on the work of designer Thea Porter in the Fashion and Textile Museum in London, which was held last year, has changed that. From this successful exhibition, Thea Porter has gained a wider audience, and many interested in the work of the designer who is in her fashion breathed a little exoticism from the East. Thea was a lover of complex forms, and enjoyed a decorative ornament and rich fabrics and therefore her clothes reflected romantic nostalgia, exoticism and glamour.


Representatives of the Japanese avant-garde

Although they are newer to the vintage scene, and perhaps do not officially belong to her, these Japanese designers that feature avant-garde work in recent years are beginning to attract attention to the auctions. Yohji Yamamoto, Issey Miyake, Junya Watanabe and Comme des Garçons are four names that suggest that you should remember, if you like this mix of vintage fashion and avant-garde. If you like this look, do not wait to become officially “old” in order to be categorized as vintage, rather buy now their models. Their current quasi-vintage status means that you can still come across the amazing offers, but this will change very quickly. In the east, has already started collecting a lot of these designer pieces and rare pieces could reach estimates up to 10 000 dollars.

issey vintage

Paco Rabanne

Paco Rabanne was one of the designers who changed the way we view fashion. It has already succeeded with his first fashion show in 1966 with a collection titled “Twelve unwearable dresses from modern materials.” His work is often called “futuristic armor” and his strong influence is felt to this day in fashion. “I used the strange materials, so I stood out from others,” said Paco. This love turns quirky fashion materials into high fashion, which today represents the true Paco Rabbane vintage piece. Look first pieces made of metal and plastic discs connected with metal rings, paper, leather and rubber.

Paco Rabanne vintage 1966

George Halley

If you like an old school glamour and want to feel like you belong to Hollywood’s royal family, pay attention to the design of George Halley. Winner of the Coty Award in 1968, Halley was one of the great American designers whose work was recognized as classy and elegant. Imagine polished silk with velvet connected, wrapped ornaments – and everything will be clear. Silhouettes in the form of dresses for the ball, rich fabrics and colors. Feathers, crystals and hand-painted fabrics fine workmanship describe Halley work. It is certain that, as time passes, his works gain in importance, and intuits that his has plan to organize the exhibition.


Pierre Balmain

Founded in 1945, the Balmain couture house had a universal impact on glamorous women around the world, to the nobility and the Hollywood starlets. Balmain style became known as “Jolie Madame” for its ability to catch up and put sparkle and elegance in its projects. Pierre Balmain once said: “Good fashion is an evolution, not a revolution.” Essentially, the French house boasts that her creations are worn by some of the finest and most engaging woman of all time – Audrey Hepburn, Ava Gardner, Brigitte Bardot, Josephine Baker, Katherine Hepburn, Marlene Dietrich and Sophia Loren, who were customers and big fans of Balmain . Early pieces are hard to find, and if you find them, be prepared to set aside a larger amount of money.


Emilio Pucci

For each collection of the famous Pucci is hand painted famous print of that, signature “Emilio.” The vitality and shocking color combinations enabled continuous progress and success threatening to the chemical and textile manufacturers to develop a method for transmitting and retaining the vibrancy of colors in fabrics. That is why we can still admire both fresh and bright look Emilio’s vintage dresses, despite the fact that they were made 60 years ago. What color is lighter, it is fashionable pieces of higher prices and better sales in the vintage world. Velvet weak market, while silk pieces always attract attention. So the pieces from show created of this great and professional designer will attain high value in the future.

Pucci outfit, 1965

Oscar de la Renta

The departure of one of the great designers we get a sudden pride and love of his pieces. After all, we saw what happened to Alexander McQueen in the last few years, when his important fashion pieces reached a value of several thousand dollars. Prices become astronomical when collectors and museums realize that one’s era ended, and that it has received a cult status. Oscar de la Renta is the gold standard for universal elegance. Since 1965, with the launch of his house Oscar made the brand of his name, and his models wore not only the first lady of America, but Hollywood actress and European noblewoman.

Oscar de la Renta_vintage



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