Mistakes in the Process of Beautification

Women today are inundated with advises of beauty in that whirlwind of information. It is very easy to ignore advises from who you really would benefit. During the daily embellishment, everybody makes some mistakes that we think will not harm us, but in fact they even hamper the achievement of the more appealing look.

We are presenting you the most often mistakes that woman makes and how to get rid of them for good.

make up mistakes


#Applying hair conditioner all over the hair, starting from the roots up until the top

Why is this one of the biggest mistakes? The conditioner is not a shampoo and shouldn’t be treated in the same way. If you apply the conditioner regularly, on the scalp of your head you will probably see remaining on your scalp which will cause your hair to look flattened. Additionally, your hair will get greasy and you would have to wash it more often, especially if you have soft hair. Women with curly hair which use a conditioner all over their hair, the degree of curliness is getting lower as you come closer to the roots.

Advice:  Apply conditioner just on the part of your hair under the ears, this is how you will retain your volume that you strive for and save money also.

#Sharing personal make up with our friends

Why this is a mistake?  We cannot disclose any simpler answer with the makeup-swap; you exchange bacteria and viruses through them. You should be strictly protective when it comes your mascara in question, eye pencils and the lipsticks. If you do borrow one of these things to your friend, you can easily end up with infection, eye inflammation or herpes on your lips. With sharing your mascara or eye pencil there is the possibility for you to get conjunctivitis or so called “pink eye”, which is manifested with reddening of your sclera or the white in your eye. Even though your friend does not have the symptom of the “pink eye”, unconsciously cause you inflammation. Lipstick sharing with a friend that has virus herpes simplex can cause you to get the virus also. In this case, it is not necessarily on her lips to have explicitly big bubbles so you will get the same thing.

Advice: You can share secrets with your friends, but, as any dermatologist would say, never share your make-up. If you could not avoid the situation of sharing and your friend has already used some of your make up, the first thing before using it on your face is to clean it. If you shared eye shadow or lipstick, take a napkin and gently go over the surface so you can have clean and ready to use makeup.

#We spray with perfume exactly before going out

Why is this one of the silliest mistakes? As much as you are careful, if you spray yourself with perfume after you have dressed up, part of it will end up on the clothes. Not just that the perfume will leave stains on your clothes, also it will change its aroma and may become unpleasant. All of the perfumes are formulated with the goal of being skin applied, not on fabrics of any kind.

Advice: Before dressing up, apply small amount of perfume on the pule spots – ankles on the arms and lower neck. There is a rule not to rub the arm ankles with one another after applying perfume.

#Applying powder without waiting for the moisturizing cream to dry off

Why is this a mistake? Applying powder on face which has not dry cream can cause stains, because the powder on some places will be emphasized more and to others more intense. Besides that, the coverage that the powder offers can be decreased and the imperfect parts of the skin will be more visible.

Advice: After applying the moisturizing cream, wait at least a minute before applying powder. If you really do not have the time, take just one thin layer of the napkin and gently apply it on your face in order to absorb the cream and than continue with your make-up.

#We groom our eyebrows standing too close to the mirror 

Why is this mistake? While standing close to the mirror, you concentrate to every hair separately, instead of the whole shape of the eyebrows. So, as a result from that, the probability of taking out more hairs than planned is quite high.

Advice: White shaping your eyebrows, you must look the whole face in order to adjust the shape on your face patterns. That is why is the best to not  do this process with power zoom mirror, instead use a regular one in room full of lightness. After removing every 2 hairs go back and make a quick check up how you are doing so far so you can make corrections more easily without any regrets later.

Source: http://womanista.com/

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