Miranda Kerr: 5 Beauty Rules of any Australian Beauty

The Australian model Miranda Kerr reveals some of her beauty rules that every woman should practice in her daily beautification.

If in France beauty girls are known for their cult pharmacy products,  Koreans are known for their 16-step regimens, then can not neglect Australians with their laid-back, holistic approach to beauty. Natural and somehow gentle and transparent, the Australian beauties look so relaxed and casual ladies. Accept all that is light-hearted and comes directly from nature and are great supporters of organic cosmetics and food.

Unlike European and American women, Australian really like that clean, healthy, fresh and natural look.

This is proved by one of the best model that comes from this continent, “Australian stand for healthy, clean, fresh skin and tousled hair look. We accept the natural beauty and feel that reflects the active lifestyle that often dictates spending time outside,” says the beauty Miranda Kerr.

Because of quite completed business engagements during the year she admits that missing beach.”I miss the sea and fresh air. I think we have to take care of ourselves both inside and out. Meditation and aromatic oils help a lot in it,” says supermodel.

Read below of her lifestyle beauty rules:

1. Organic is not a trend, says Miranda Kerr.

In Australia, many families grow their own fruits and vegetables and organic production is well represented. They don’t follow the organic trend, but the growth of the organic environment. Even from an early age have a consciousness of how important is what we put in ourselves and how much food is important for health, skin and hair.

2. The best body scrub is right in front of you.

You do not have to spend money for all of these pharmaceutical products for exfoliate, you just practice this advice: “When I am home in Australia, I go for a swim in the ocean, and after getting out of that salty water, I’ll go on the shoreline and scrub my skin with the sand,” says Miranda, who has been practicing the local ritual since she was a child.

Miranda Kerr Natural Look

3. Always have a hydrating oil in your bag.

Also, Miranda has advised many of ladies to use moisturizing creams and oils and whenever they feel dry skin, to use their secret weapon in order to maintained skin fresh and radiant.

4. Cooling at high temperatures.

A little water over the face during the day in high temperatures don’t harm anyone. Refresh your skin to +35°C. You can also create your own spray, put a few drops of peppermint oil and you will receive instant cooling.

5. Never let jet lag win.

Speaking of travel, every Australian girl has a tried-and-tested jet lag remedy. “One of my favorite things to do is just take off my shoes and put my feet in the grass. It’s really grounding”. “Another thing I do is take a bath. I make it super hot and I put a pound of baking soda and a pound of sea salt and that draws [the toxins] out of your body,”says Kerr.

One extra secret advice of Miranda Kerr is about nourishing her hair. When she is not working she put on her hair coconut oil overnight, just on the ends. Sometimes she use olive oil, but coconut smells better said Miranda.


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