Makeup and Famous: Lipstick Lesson Learned from Kate Moss

Kate Moss Nude LipsticsSupermodel Kate Moss has long been the icon of beauty and one of the things that made her admire is certainly the way that she wears lipstick. 

Over the years, she was the face of many makeup brands, and recently revealed that its first lipstick bought with only nine years old! Below you discover her advice about wearing lipstick that you should follow if you want to be trendsetters just like Kate!

“For makeup in general, I’ve learned,” says Kate. Part of the fun of wearing lipstick is experimenting with every shade until you find your perfect match. In other words, don’t be scared of trial and error.

One of the reasons why so many women love lipstick is a great opportunity to choose between different shades, textures and types. Thus, Kate revealed that she was tested with make-up and investigated what most fit to her face.

Make up is part of overall look

Various lipsticks match with different outfits, lesson that Kate loudly advocated. Red lipstick is a synonym for elegance and so should follow such fashion combinations. The nude color is suitable for casual outfits.

Matching shades

Moss reveals that rarely permitted her lipstick “collision” with clothing. Namely, if the crown of the piece of clothing is red, will try to put on the lips of almost the same shade. She also admitted that lipstick often adjusted to its mood.

And the opportunity is important

Moss advised that certain shades of lipstick you ca put depending of the time of a day and circumstances in which you are. For example, at concerts and parties you can wear nude shade, while for weddings and similar situations, where you are greeting to the people, does not recommend wearing red or orange lipstick.

Always choose long-lasting lipstick

Kate’s rule number one: Lipstick must remain on your lip as long as you’ll want to remove it.

Nude is always a good choice

If you are not sure about how will fit on you the lips nude shade of lipstick, Kate Moss have a little trick for you. Apply lipstick at the inside of the forefinger and middle finger and lift the fingers to your lips. In this way, you will clearly see that’s a good choice or not.

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