8 Make up Tips: How to Look 10 Years Younger

MakeUp Tips For Younger LookThe natural aging process is proceeding smoothly for years and brings minor or major changes with which every woman faces. Besides many cosmetics, which many ladies fight against aging, it is possible to stand in their way – Camouflage! Here’s how to look younger:

There are some things in life that get better with age: wine, cheese, George Clooney. However, this is not true for our skin and hair, which often wish to look younger and healthier, as ravishing as it looked before. In our never ending quest for the fountain of youth, we talked with an experienced make-up artists and sought expert advice that reveals how you will look younger.

Tip 1: The glow of the skin can make younger effect

When it comes to skin, shine and moisture content are important factors that reveals her youth. Therefore, we recommend that you use luminizer which contains sparkling particles or highlighter. They have the power to remove skin redness and highlight facial features, especially the nose and cheekbones to obtain the necessary freshness.

Tip 2: Brown instead black

When you makeup your eyes choose brown instead black. The black color makes your eyes look smaller visually. Warm plum color is also a great fit for any eye color. Instead of the rough lines and matte eyeliner, we advise you to use a chocolate brown eyeliner, with a little gloss.

Tip 3: Мore natural and softer eyebrows

Continues this trend of high and huge arches. When you are young may look nice but, as you get older eyebrows may begin to look unnatural, you may disclose the number of your years. Soften the look and fill in brows lightly strokes pens, which should be lighter than your hair color.

Tip 4: Blush powder

When choosing blush, choose for the rock or dust. This type of blush can be perfectly adapted to any crease, hiding imperfections on the face. If you have mature skin, avoid blush in gel form because it looks much better on younger skin.

Tip 5: Glowing makeup

Avoid makeup with cold tones (especially those with added sequins) because they highlight wrinkles. Instead, opt for a refreshing, radiant shades – they leave a great impression of sophistication, but also reduce the number of years.

Tip 6: Lighter shades of hair

When choosing the perfect hair color, there is a general rule that helps you look younger: choose bright instead dark shades. Dark hair will reveal all of your facial wrinkles, especially around the eyes. Instead opt for make-up with bright shades. Still do not overdo with it because for the full effect you should not have more than two shades lighter than your natural hair color.

Tip 7: Makeup of warm colors

Instead mat and cold tones, use warmer colors on your face. Choose the color of honey and gold that will complete your skin shade and soften of fine lines and wrinkles on the face.

Tip 8: Glowing Hair

An easy way to look younger is hiding in the proper care of hair. It must be lively and have a healthy glow. Therefore, we recommend using nutritional mask at least once a week.

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