Leg Workout, Lying Leg Curls

Leg workout.

Lying leg curls, the exercise to build good hamstrings. The hamstrings are responsible for knee flexion and assist in hip extension. For good hamstrings, both functions must be done. This workout is good for your knee flexion and to do it, you will workout on machine.

First of all, you should adjust the machine lever to fit your height. Then lie with your face down on the lying leg curl  machine and get the pad of the lever on the back of your legs like on picture 1. This will be your starting position.

Leg workout

Picture 1.

Grab the side handles of the machine, make sure you are not making any moves with your body, and start pushing the lever up as much as you can with keeping your upper legs on the pad. When you reach the maximum, pause for 1-2 seconds like on picture 2.

Ending position leg

Picture 2.

Once the pause is over, bring back the lever on its starting position. Repeat for the recommended amount of repetitions. Don’t overweight the machine on this workout, otherwise you can hurt either your lower back or your hamstrings. This workout is good and easy to do, for guys and girls as well.

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