Leg Workout, Leg Press

Leg workout.

Leg press exercise is good exercise that is targeting mostly your quadriceps and hamstrings. It is also taking little part of targeting your butt and calves.

For this workout, you are going to need a leg press machine. Sit down on the machine and place your feet on the platform of the machine. The distance between the feet should be like your shoulder width. Once you have placed your feet right, lower the safety bars on the machine, and hold the machine platform only with your legs. Push the platform, so that your legs are fully extended, just like on picture 1. Your torso and your legs should make 90 degrees angle. That will be your starting position.

Leg starting position

Picture 1.

While keeping your torso on the same position, slowly start lowering the platform of the machine. Lower the platform until your upper and lower legs make 90 degrees angle like on picture 2. The knees should be in line with your feet, without pushing them inward or outward, and also your bottom should not be raised, otherwise you are not doing the exercise properly, or you can hurt parts of your body.

Leg ending position

Picture 2.

Once your lower and upper legs make 90 degrees angle, make a short pause then push back the platform on the machine to its starting position, until your legs are fully extended again. Make sure you do not overweight the machine. Make this exercise in 4 series, each of the series should have 10-12 reps.

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