Leg Workout, Leg Extensions

Leg exercise.

When it comes to legs day, you already feel the pain before you’ve even started the workouts. One of my favorite workout is Leg Extensions, which you will need leg extension machine for it to do it. So first of all, sit on the machine and put your legs under the pad and with your hands hold the side bars. Make sure that your lower and the upper leg is making a 90 degree angle. Like on picture 1. That will be your starting position.

Leg starting position

Picture 1.

When you set up the weight, start pushing the pad with your quadriceps to the maximum. While you are pushing the pad, you should exhale. Make sure that the rest of your body remains in same position. Once you reach the maximum, pause for 1-2 second, like on picture 2.

Leg ending position

Picture 2.

Once the pause is over, slowly lower the pad back to its starting position. While you are lowering it, you should inhale. Repeat this in four series with short pause between them.

Both way leg

Picture 3.

Make sure you don’t overweight the machine because you don’t want any of your muscles to get hurt.

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