Instantly Rejuvenation of Your Eyes

rejuvenation with make upWant to erase several years from your face and rewards yourself with younger look? Focus on rejuvenation of eyes, because they are not only a mirror of your soul, and your age. Years leave visible traces of the delicate skin around the eyes. Dark circles, fallen or swollen eyelids, fine lines and wrinkles – these are just some of the inevitable signs of aging. The good news is that there are tricks to instantly rejuvenate the eyes. The following tips will allow without Botox to restore back the clock and give youthful freshness to the eyes:

#Lift the fallen eyelids with makeup

With age the skin around the eye begins to lose its elasticity and causes disruption of collagen structure. As a result, the upper eyelids began to fall and close the eyes. But wise afflicted makeup can hide it and appear to raise the covers. Here’s how:

Use neutral  shades in bright colors. Dark shades visually close their eyes.

Just draw the upper eyelid. With eyeliner trace over a fine line as close as possible to the upper lashes. The line needs to acquire a slight upward flow in the outer corner of the eye. It is recommended to use gray, brown or dark green color eyeliner instead of black. If you prefer softer makeup, draw the top cover with eye shadow.

# Let the white crayon become your best friend

Use white eyeliner to illuminate the inner corner of the eye. With your little finger gently apply crayons for a more natural look. If you feel tired and sleepy, with the white crayon trace over the entire lower eyelid.

#With the extra pillow prevent swelling of the eyes

No one wants to wake up with puffy eyelids that close their eyes. To prevent it, sleep on two pillows. Raising of the head with another pillow minimizes fluid retention in the face.

#Remove swelling of the eyes with cold tea bags

You woke up with swollen eyes? Do not despair. Take two tea bags, soak a minute in hot water, then a few seconds in the cold. Lie down, put them on your lids and leave 10-15 minutes.

#Mask the dark circles around the eyes with concealer

To mask unwanted dark circles around the eyes, use concealer. If the circles are blue, use concealer with a yellow background. If the circles are with brown tint, ask concealer in peach color. For most gently cover, use the ring finger. Do not patting corrector, spread it with a simple tap.

#Highlight the upper lashes

Eyelash curler and mascara have the power to reverse time back. For maximum effect, warm up your eyelash curler by placing it under warm water or using a blow dryer. By warming up your eyelash curler, you will create an elongated curl that is similar to curling your hair with a warm curling iron. After curling of eyelashes, apply 2 layers of mascara with particular attention to the roots of the lashes. Select the blackest mascara that you can find for your eyes look whiter and fresher.

#Do not apply mascara on lower lashes

It draws the gaze down. Furthermore, several hours after the makeup, small pieces of mascara can lead to darkening of the area under the eyes.

#Define faded brows

Over the years, the eyebrows becoming rarer and lose their color. Therefore, it is important to outline the appropriate eyebrow pencil or eye shadow. Defined and nicely shaped eyebrows distract from other imperfections around the eyes – lines, dark circles and so on.

#Use matte, not greasy eye shadow for rejuvenation

The wrinkles are not only appear around the eyes, but wrinkled and eyelids. Just half an hour after application of oily eye shadow, it will begin to collect in the wrinkles of the eyelid and will highlight your age. Oily shadows highlight the texture of the skin. Therefore, use eye shadow with a matte effect. Best choice of colors: cream, peach, light brown, gray and light pink.

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