How to Wear a Chelsea Boots?

Thanks to its minimalist design, Chelsea boots you can wear almost at any occasion and you will always look fashionable and stylish. This model boot was created back in 1837 for the purpose of riding Queen Victoria and is one of the fashion trends with the longest history. Their popularity have raised dizzyingly popular Beatles in the early 1960s of the twentieth century.

The_Beatles_Chelsea boots_1963

The Chelsea boot goes far beyond the Beatles. Today the boot is still a popular look with celebrities and hip, fashion-forward dressers on the street. You’ll find them on everyone who’s anyone, from Kanye, to Beckham, to young Mr. Styles.


You must have noticed that this model does not have boot laces. Instead, the sides there are elastic straps which facilitate their horns. Classic Chelsea boots are usually made of leather or suede, and you depend on whether it will opt for a more urban and casual model or a more classical and elegant Chelsea boots.

These legendary boots can be found in several standard models. There are the traditional black suede boots that provide countless possibilities when it comes to combining with clothes. There are also semi deep suede boots with elastic bands above articles and rubber sole that is slightly higher on the heels. The best models chelsea boots are leather. They come in two models: semi deep and profound. Like a suede, leather is very easy to maintain, noting that the skin is better, easier and more beautiful to the eye. If you want to invest money in the shoes, this model in black or brown being hit.

 Chelsea boots

How to combine them:

Chelsea boots are synonymous with simplicity, so they can be combined with different types of clothing. If you prefer a more formal way of dressing, these boots will become your new best friend. If you prefer a little more relaxed style, great to get along with tight dark jeans or chino pants, but make sure that the length of the legs is slightly below the point where it connects your boots and legs. Be brave and match them with the classic suit and tie.

Chelsea boots

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