How to Stand 8 Hours in High Heels Without Pain

12241351_1065243163506811_1415212197980852025_nSoon you spend 7 to 8 hours on your feet and in heels? A brave idea, but not impossible. And with the help of these tips!

However, if you intend to spend on your feet for a long time, far more important than patience is a model of comfortable and quality shoes in which you’ll be able to stand 6, 7, 8 hours. In order to help such an adventure, we bring you the following 6 tips to help you spend a day on your feet without pain and blisters.

#Square, thick and stable heel is always a good choice!

Heels are getting higher and higher, and we agree that stiletto is most elegant model of women’s shoes, but it’s also very uncomfortable for a longer period because as usual comes paired with a slim, sexy heels. It is therefore recommended that the scope of a model that has a stable, square heel that will provide both aesthetic and practical side.

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#The platform is also a good idea!

Platform resembling a square heel and thinner but lower among the models that you can wear as they reduce the slope feet of pressure and anxiety to the person who wears it. They are also an ideal choice if you want to lift yourself up and you have a comfortable shoe.

#Wear shoes that have straps or cover article

Sandals and shoes with straps that tend to hold your feet to control or to help them lower leg swim in the mold as per usual causes blisters.

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#Carry a spare pair

As you tend to bring ballet shoes to the wedding, so you can also, the whole day or evening program on the legs, to bring with yourself a spare pair in which to disguise when your legs get tired in the first or when you simply feel the pain in your legs. A new pair of shoes will give you a chance to rest a few feet.

#Shift your weight on one foot then the other

According to Yamuna Zake, which is valid for experts in the field of shoes while standing if you transfer weight to the right or left side of not relying on the whole foot already on the edge of it will succeed long to get through the legs standing.


# Invest in a good, quality shoes

Quality shoes as a rule are those which have a stable heel, comfortable and first-class mold making, which is designed to help the concerned model lasts in the long run. So even if you have to spend more than the standard rates, keep in mind that these shoes you will wear for several seasons. They are simply designed to be more comfortable for your foot.


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