How to Cultivate Business Casual Style

Personal style is something that you should not neglect even when it comes to daily wearing clothes for work. Too many young men are starting their professional lives without a clue as to how to dress. But here is the connection between personal style and business. If you want cultivate business casual style, you may not be trend follower. The manner of dress is something that defines each of us as a separate entity and is something that should not retreating, while retaining the rules for decent dress to work. We all know that when it comes to men most acceptable business dress style is suit. But have you ever thought of the combination of business and casual style? It allows you to add a personal touch to pieces which are still casual without crossing the border with pieces which wear for everyday walk.

business casual


We all know how stand classic shirts with neutral color that will look just like everyone else in the office. What will help you stand out, shirts with vivid patterns and materials with pronounced texture and color. However keep in mind that you are in the office and not let the mad print to be the first thing that will attract the attention of your boss.business casual shirts


Chino pants are a great choice because it gives casual look, but still retain the seriousness required for the office. When it comes to colors, choose neutral colors like black, gray, cream and you not be wrong. Make sure your pants are not too wide or too long. Also, dark jeans are a good option. Just be careful not to have worn and torn parts.

business casual trousers


The good thing in adapting personal style to the business style is that you can use many pieces which you already have in your wardrobe. Shoes with laces and loafers are something which you can add to the selection, but take care of which color and material they are made. Suede and matte skin are really adaptable and add a note of relaxation in your appearance. Black is the classic that suits with white shirt, but if you choose a shirt in pastel shades – light or dark brown shoes will be the right choice.

business casual shoes

Sporty blazers

Sporty blazers for business-casual style should not be too formal, but still need to give a serious look. Choose sports jacket from lightweight material, which also look professional but not too conservative. When choosing a jacket it is important that the good standing of your body and not seem like something that covers you completely.

business casual blazers

Woolly sweaters

The best advice for the perfect business casual style lies in choosing the perfect sweater. What makes them perfect garments for every occasion is a laid-back element which entered in any combination. Sweater wearing on the shirt will keep business style that impose the office, but also will add a note of relaxation without feeling uncomfortable. Choose sweater with a rounded upper part for more classic view or V-hole coupled with buttons for more comfortable look.

business casual sweaters

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