MakeUp Technique: Highlight and Contour for Beginners

Contour and highlight technique was designed for catwalk models and photo shoots, but is now a part of many celebrity’s and women’s daily routines. With the right tools and neutral color tones you can create the illusion of a slimmer jawline, a sculpted nose, chiseled cheekbones or defined eyes.

Determining your face shape is the first and most important step when highlighting and contouring. This is art technique that helps to highlight your face shape in the best way. For each face shape, there is a slightly different placement of the highlight and contour.

1. What is your face shape?

Contouring For Face

The darker color in the picture represents the parts of your face that you have to contour and the white circles where you have to highlight.

Every face is shaped differently. Some common face shapes include: Round, Square, Oblong, Oval and Heart shaped. Two helpful tips to remember when contouring is that the: 1. The darker contour color is meant to make areas you contour appear smaller or deep set and 2. The highlight color will bring out and brighten the areas you choose to highlight.

2. Color tone is important!

Pick colors suited to your skin tone. Ideally 2 shades lighter for a highlighting and 2 shades darker for a contouring. This really gives the illusion of shadow. For a more dramatic look, you can use liquid creams or concealers or a combination of the liquid and the powder.

Products for Contour

3. Invest in good brushes for contour!

Use blending brush or sponge in a rolling or dabbing motion. It’s a good to have an angled contouring brush or a foundation brush, a smaller brush for more detail and a brush to blend the edges of the shading and highlighting.

Blend it all together with tap motion and you’re ready for glowing!

We recommended this tutorial video for beginners to see how it’s done:

Source: http://40plusstyle.com

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