Helpful Tricks That’ll Make Your Shoes More Comfortable

Spending several hours standing on your feet is very hard and cause pain in the legs and muscles, especially if you wear shoes that are tight, do blisters, very new or are too high. If you are going to spend a lot more time on your feet , you do not have to buy expensive shoes. But must have comfortable, adequate, support, even nice looking shoes for your daily look at work for example.

We present you some helpful tips to make your shoes comfortable:

  1.  The deodorant acts as a barrier, protecting your skin from friction.


2.  Heat (hair dryer) + Wool socks = comfy new pair of shoes in 5 minutes!!!

3. Widen the shafts of boots with leather stretch spray and newspaper

Make Comfy Boots

4. Waterproof your shoes – Read more on  – Amazing Tricks: How to Waterproof Your Shoes?

How to Make Waterproof Shoes

No more wet and soggy feet!

5. Scientific proof trick to reduce pain

Counting from the big toe, tape your third and fourth toes together to alleviate pain from wearing high heels. For this ‘magical’ trick have scientific proof! There is a nerve that splits between those two toes, which causes pain when pressure is put on it. It is felt when you wear heels. ] The tape helps to remove strain on the nerve.

High Heels

6. Cover your flip flops straps in fabric with your scarf for more comfortable feeling

This trick will help prevent the formation of blisters between the toes while you enjoy the summer days in your flops.

scarf and flops

7. Buy shoes in the evening

Your feet swell during the day and get up to a half size bigger. So you should buy new shoes later in the day, when your feet are biggest.
buying comfortable shoes

8. If all methods fail, soak your feet in tea to relieve pain

Treat your feet


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