Guide for Men: How to Wear Men’s Oxfords?

Men’s oxfords shoes are classic style of men’s shoes that are defined by their characteristic appearance with closed binding where the holes are covered, or on the top of the shoe. Type of shoes every man should have in his closet.


Original design is simple and empty shoe made of leather, but slowly changed over the years and received varied variations. These variations include changing the type of material from which they are made, the color of the shoes and the amount of detail that are decorated.

The type of shoe gets its name from oxfords shoes, “half boots” with side slits that were popular among students at the University of Oxford in 1825s. Later appearing in Ireland and Scotland where they were named as “Balmorals” after Balmoral Castle.

No matter from where is their origin the oxfords are now design a shoe that almost every man owns and serve to complete the formal look, but can be combined with casually style.

  • For formal occasions

The oxfords have an important purpose. They are a stylish addition to any suit and when you want to insert into your formal look, the safest option is to put your black oxfords. Black oxfords combined with three-part suit will give you highly sophisticated look. Overall, if you want to achieve what is possible more formal look is best to wear simple oxfords. For stylish completing your look, wear them with socks in flesh color and a clock or a handkerchief in one of the pockets of your coat.


  • For casual style

This choice of shoes can be applied in everyday style. If you want carry your favorite oxfords when you go to coffee with friends, the best combination is simple pants that end up shoe or jeans and a sweater.

If you want to achieve more impressive look, wear it with pants rolled up and let your socks to be visible.


  • Brown oxfords

This type of color is best combined with gray, dark brown or navy blue suit.Аs opposed to black, brown oxfords when combined with these colors give a stronger appearance and visual highlights.


  • Oxfords in flesh color

This color slowly becomes increasingly unavoidable part of the appearance of male shoes. Thanks to the light and dark tones that are combined in this type of color, these shoes can be combined with almost everything. This type of color is perfect for less formal look and you can combine with denim trousers , cotton pants in strong colors or navy blue pants.


  • Black oxfords

This is the number one choice for business and formal situations. Black simple oxfords are probably versatile type of footwear that every man must possess and can combine with any style and any color appearance. At the same time the most conservative look if combined with the suit.

black one

  • Unique and individual style

If you want a pair of shoes that will reflect your unique look, then you can decide for a pair that will be filled with unique and stylish details. Decide for pair that is made up of two or more different colors.



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