For The Secrets of the Masters of Make-up!

Magic tricks of most famous makeup artists of the world!

#For shiny skin

Consider about the order of application of the products. Apply primer over shiny liquid powder for brighter finish.

for shiny skin

#For mega lashes

Do not apply mascara any way – upgrade them eyelashes. Use the tip of the mascara brush to easily lift your lashes to the outer corner of eye. Hold the brush a few seconds to create effects such as false eyelashes.

#Concealing of scars

If you have a scar that sees or dark stain on the face, use a product that is slightly lighter than your skin tone. It will fill the mark and will equal the rest of the skin.

Concealing of scars

#For a long lasting lipstick

Do not apply the directly. Use a lip brush and dab the lipstick – then press your lips together, with your finger tap inflicting more color until you get the desired effect.

#For brighter basis of shadow

Forget about the bases of shadows. The bright pencil, let it be your new basis of the eyes. Apply directly to cover them and tap gently with your fingers. That way, you get a lot brighter base of eyes.

#For natural color on cheeks

First apply the blush in the middle of the cheeks, then blend it to cheek bones – and you should be smiling while you do this. Result? Blush which does not look like blush.

For natural color on cheeks

#For instant refreshment

Always keep with yourself, make-up sponge. Soak it tonic water for face or any water for beauty and gently push through the skin to freshen-up and create a soft, shiny look.

For instant refreshment

#For better application of artificial eyelashes

With scissors cut the artificial lashes in half. Thus, easier to place and reduce the chance for error. They will easily lie on the eye, and appear to be natural.

#For Retouch skin

The trick is in brush! Before putting the powder, take your clean brush and quickly rotate on the arm as if heats. Thus easier and equally will blot powder on the face and get retouched effect.

#For best eyebrows

Combs them down, fill them again and return them back combed back. So you see your natural shape and will get full brows that do not look painted.

For best eyebrows

#For balm for lips

Your favorite lip balm will make all the magic. Apply on the tip of the nose and the bone below the eyebrows, so the skin becomes shiny and youthful. Want glossy lids? Then you know what to do ?!


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