10 Eyeliner Tips for the Beginners

eyeliner for beginnersDoes your hand shake like you’ve had five cups of coffee every time you pick up an eyeliner pencil? We feel you. Sometimes just making a straight line can be tricky, let alone drawing a flawless cat eye. Eyeliner can actually be quite simple once you get the hang of it. Not to mention it’s one of the best ways to play up your natural beauty. So if you’re guilty of skipping eyeliner all together because you’d rather go bare than have an awkward, wobbly line above your lid all day — don’t worry. Consider this list of tips and tricks your ultimate crash course in eyeliner. You’ll be a cat-eye-wearing pro in no time!



#Hold your eye for more control:

Using your pointer and middle finger, pull the skin above your eye taut for a smoother, more precise line. Instead of free-handing it, prop your elbow up on the counter to steady your hand.

#There are three basic types of eyeliner:

Pencil, gel and liquid. Pencil is the most common type and perfect for an everyday looking. Make sure to keep your pencils sharpened, but not too pointy — ouch! Gel eyeliners typically come in a pot. And although they have a tendency to dry out faster than other eyeliner formulas, they have a great creamy consistency and deliver a super-smooth line. Liquid liners are perfect for dramatic beauty looks and creating a cat eye. The only con is that they’re the messiest of the three.

#Choose the right color:

You don’t always have to go with classic black. Try brown for a softer, more subtle look; gray to make your eyes appear wider and brighter; or blue or purple for a bold, party-ready vibe.

#Don’t forget to blend:

When using a pencil, blend it out for a more natural look. A dual-ended pencil with a sponge attachment at the end makes this process a lot easier. Just be sure to use a light touch. You don’t want to press too strongly or you’ll wipe off all the product.

#Line your waterline in nude for bright eyes:

Instead of lining your waterline in black, choose a nude shade for a doe-eyed effect. This is a perfect trick for when you’re tired and want to look more awake.

#Use a business card to create a cat eye flick:

Hold a business card diagonally against the corner of your eye, and trace alongside it to draw your cat yes flick. You can also put a piece of tape in the same area and use that as a guide.

#Line your eyes first in pencil when using liquid liner:

It’s easier to draw a precise line with pencil than with a liquid liner. So use this “training wheels” method when starting out with liquid liner: line your eyes first with pencil, and then trace over it with your liquid liner.

#Fix a mistake with a Q-tip:

Mess up? Instead of starting from scratch, dip a Q-tip in makeup remover and use it like an eraser to carefully remove any mistakes.

#Give your liquid liner time to dry:

Avoid any smudging while your liquid liner is still wet by keeping your eyes closed for 30 seconds after applying.

#Use a primer:

When you take pains to draw a gorgeous cat eye, you don’t want it rubbing off after a couple hours. Use an eye primer first to create a base that will help your liner last all day.

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