The Most Effective Yoga Posture to Destroy Cellulite

Practice hard every day and pay attention to diet and notice that the cellulite is still present?  You are not sure when or exactly how it happened, but your thighs and buttocks look like orange peel? Fortunately, there is an excellent, inexpensive and healthy way to regain a smooth, firm and tight skin. Yoga is one of the ways that can help you to change all of this.

Although is useful for relaxation, yoga also is proven to help in the fight against cellulite. Studies at Harvard University have demonstrated that practicing yoga is the most effective way to improve lymph flow, the elimination of toxins and reduce fluid retention in the body. Yoga brings increased flexibility of body and the skin becomes more elastic and radiant. Exercising yoga can define and increase the muscles, all of which reflects the general state of the body that seems to be, and it really becomes younger and more vital. In addition, yoga improves overall body muscles and strengthens the immune system.

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If all of this is combined with healthy regime of diet, you are winner against cellulite. It’s recommended to avoid the consumption of refined sugars. Instead eat more fruits and vegetables that are rich in natural sugars, seeds, nuts rich in omega fatty acids and food without too many spices.

Although there are several postures that help in the fight against cellulite, this is the most effective:

The Most Effective Yoga Posture to Destroy Cellulite


This exercise is consists of six steps:

1. Spread your legs shoulder-width apart.

2. Place your hands on your hips, bend your right leg at the knee and pull it upwards.

3. With easy movements push with heel toward the ceiling 20 times.

4. When you finish with heel up, right hand grasp the right ankle.

5. Pull the leg as much as possible up while raising the upper body and arm in high left.

6. In this position stay 20 seconds, taking into consideration the proper breathing.

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  • Return to starting position and repeat with the other leg.

While performing positions it is necessary to breath deep. Тhat will allow larger amount of oxygen in the body, which is essential in the fight for burning fat. Practice about 2o minutes three times a week to visibly correct the condition. You can combine with other yoga poses.

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