Eclipting: Hair Technique With Natural Hair Pigments

Eclipting is the latest exclusive hair coloring trend and is definitely number one at the moment. Find out all about the latest trends in hair coloring, which is based on natural pigments which give color fullness, a special hair shine.

The latest hit in dyeing hair is a technique that emphasizes facial features personalized positioning of light and shadow.

Eclipting Hair Color

Eclipting keeps hair darker around the face to create a frame, while a dusting off fine weave foils on top creates a seamless blend of color and style. Like an eclipse reframes the sun and the moon, you can customize for any color, cut and lifestyle.

Doutzen Kroes Eclipting

In this way, the color looks very natural, subdued all the deficiencies and emphasized advantages. This game of light and shadow gives the very transparent, translucent color effect, a special hair shine and texture, and guarantees a unique color because Eclipting technique is individual.

Megan Fox Eclipting Hair Color

Therefore, there is a whole army of followers natural pigments and colors, starting from the top models Doutzen Kroes, Jessica Alba, Katie Holmes to the Belle Hadid. Just as tireless practice, eating healthy food, and consequently foster and hair.

Try to find more natural colors on the market, which are created as much as 97 percent of natural instead of chemical ingredients. These colors are based on oils that are blended with natural pigments and then with the help of ammonia applied to the hair and dye it.

They do not cause allergies, but when coloring they nourish hair. It is important to note that the most common misconceptions that we can be allergic to ammonia, but in fact we are allergic on color pigments dryer. Pigments can be very aggressive, and ammonia is one that evaporates from the hair after a few minutes. That means that the use of natural pigments is the best choice for our hair.

Watch this tutorial video:

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