Do you Know What is Sandbagging? (VIDEO)

Famous make up artists, beauty bloggers and stylists informed us of the hit sandbagging technique, recommended that you must try. This technique is similar to baking, another makeup trend from Instagram. For baking, you apply a thick coat of translucent powder to your forehead, the bridge of your nose, underneath your eyes, or just below your jawline. Then you let it ‘cook’ (absorb heat from your skin) for a few minutes before blending it in with a brush.The effect brightens up those areas and smooths your makeup.

Sandbagging of Kim Kardashian

The sandbagging technique is focused on the area under the eyes and below the mouth, creating a barrier to prevent smudge of lipstick or accumulation of corrector. This method uses celebrity makeup artist of Kim KardashianMario Dedivanovic. He explains that sandbagging is the simple idea of creating a barrier around your eyes or lips using heavily applied loose powder.
Еverything that Kim apply is adored by millions of admirers and becomes a huge trend, whether we like it or not.

How to apply sandbagging technique ?

After applying liquid foundation and corrector, gently tap large amount of loose translucent powder in the area around the eyes and mouth. Do it before you start to put eyes make-up and applied the lipstick or other product for lips. The idea is to translucent powder acts the same way as sand bags during a flood, to absorb excess fat and moisture and to form a barrier.

  1. Apply your foundation and concealer as normal;
  2. Dip the edge of a beauty sponge into loose translucent powder, and apply heavily around your eyes and mouth;
  3. Apply your lipstick and eye make-up as normal, letting the powder barriers soak up any smudges;
  4. Simply dust off the excess powder when you’re done using a small make-up brush.
If you practice sandbagging technique, that will help you to give your make-up extra staying power, will keep your lipstick from smearing and you won’t have to worry about hourly touch-ups.  It is the ideal technique for making your makeup stay for long and get the prefect look.

Watch makeup expert Wayne Goss explain exactly how it’s done:

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