DIY Double Dutch French Braids

The Dutch French braids looks difficult to create, but it’s actually fairly simple. To make a double Dutch braid, grab a two section of hair from the top of your head, separate each part into three equal portions, and braid the portions under each other instead of weaving them over; as you progress down, introduce more hair from the rest of your head until you’ve included it all and reach the bottom. It’s basically an inside-out or reverse French braid. We present you four simple steps for DIY Dutch braid as great daily or nigh-out like option. Or maybe for your morning yoga etc.

Double Dutch French Braids: Step 1

Start with a really clean center part that extends down to your neck. To get a perfect part, take a line directly from your nose up using darby clip or the edge of a comb to make perfect line. Don’t try with your finger, that can result with a wonky line.Once you’ve done your part, take the left section, twist it up, and secure it with a clip. Clip it out of the way, with that you should avoid taking hair from the other side which can get messy. Focus on the right side first.

Double Dutch French Braids: Step 2

Apply a bit of wet product around the face, such as a gel, mousse, or leave-in conditioner. Leave it in the braids while you workout or post-gym, so that when you take them out you get amazing waves.

Next, separate hair into three sections and weave a classic Dutch braid. The right piece goes under the middle and then the left under the middle, while adding more hair from the root.


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Double Dutch French Braids: Step 3

Repeat the three-strand Dutch braid all the way down to the end, and secure it with an elastic. And repeat the same steps for the other part of your hair.

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