Discover the Secret of Long, Seductive Eyelashes (VIDEO)

It is all about the technique, no matter what kind of mascara you use!

mascara for lashesSome women are blessed with naturally long lashes. But most of them aren’t. Some have short, but although quite thick eyelashes which is great, but definitely would want to be as long as possible. They chasing every new mascara for lengthening which arrives on the market, but most of them do not give the results that promise.

But everything changed when an interesting blog post by American blogger Marie-Isabel Gridley (agapelovedesigns.com) revealed her secret of long eyelashes. It really works!

The secret is in the technique of applying mascara, no matter what kind of mascara you use, although she use her favorite Maybelline Define-A-Lash, in shades Very Black. Well, let’s go to the technique:

Put the comb mascara on the lower side of the upper eyelid lashes as close as possible to the roots of eyelashes and eyelid. Mascara tiny movements move left and right, and then very slowly blink while dragging liner brush mascara upwards and the tips of the lashes. Repeat this at least three times, and each time take brush dip into the mascara. If you have a little less around then divide it into two parts, the inner and outer corner of the eye, and if you have the higher you can share and lashes in three parts: the inner, middle, outer (maximum).

# Moving the brush left and right helps separate the lashes and better cover the root of the lashes to make them look fuller

# Slow blinking when applying mascara helps to twist the eyelashes. If you do it slow mascara  will get little dry and so curled eyelashes upwards.

# Continuous “dip” mascara to constantly wet brush, because if it is dry can cause shedding of mascara around the eye.

Then all repeat with the other eye. Dip the brush in the mascara, look down and apply mascara only to the tips of the lashes and the upper side. Repeat this three times (the middle, inner and outer lashes). This move mascara will “catch” for itself and lengthen eyelashes.

If you want to additionally emphasize the mascara after the process the other eye, go back and pull another layer along the bottom of the lashes.

Watch this amazing tutorial video: Enjoy!


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