Diet and Fitness of Victoria’s Angel Adriana Lima

The angel of Victoria’s Secret, Brazilian model and actress Adriana Lima, may has most desired body of the world. Wherever she appear, her graceful curves attract the eyes and lenses. In September 2012, Adriana Lima became a mother for the second time and her number of followers quadrupled when she lost all her post-baby fat within a short span of less than weeks to walk the ramp. And believe it or not, she looked as if she never was pregnant.What is her secret? Check it out!



The perfect line of Adriana Lima is not maintained with a strict diet. It is adherent diet control portions, i.e. eat everything she wants in small quantities. Adriana is not a person who gives up from her favorite foods (meat, cookies and chocolate), but limits their consumption. Her morning breakfast is abundantly and as it passes the day its meals decrease.

For breakfast, the beautiful supermodel takes, for the most part, oatmeal with raisins and egg whites; on occasion, Lima will also take Muesli cereal and accompany it with yogurt or honey, or milk and coffee with her meal.

As for lunch, Lima will usually eat fish, red meat or chicken with green grilled vegetables, taking up a great number of fiber in her diet.

In Adriana Lima’s diet, it’s important to make dinner as light as possible, eating only something like a salad, and the supermodel says this keeps her dream light and allows her to wake up refreshed and rested in the morning.

For snacks, Adriana Lima’s diet includes raw vegetables (such as carrots and cucumbers) for refreshment, and sometimes a bit of chocolate or a spoonful or honey for energy.

adriana lima cake

The fitness:

Adriana Lima exercise to be always in top form. Her favorite activity are:

HIIT is High Intensity Interval Training, which involves repetitions of exercises of high intensity followed by small less intense exercises. Adriana Lima makes use of jump ropes during HIIT to increase her cardiovascular and athletic capacity which contributes to quicker fat loss and effective toning of her body. HIIT routine is one of the main priorities in her workout schedule and helped her in shedding her post pregnancy fat.

Adriana also performs high intensity muscular focused exercises that help her build muscles which give her a desirable body structure. Body weight leg squats and abdominal workouts keep her body toned for photo-shoots. She has specifically stressed that she does not make use of machines or weights for abs but just body sculpting movements which are strenuous and of high intensity.

Adriana loves boxing and makes sure she includes that in her workouts as well. But she just does not do random punching but performs a combination of complex drills with higher velocity and strength. She believes that boxing not just makes her look physically fit due to its cardiovascular nature but also keeps her mentally sharp since it requires her to be precise regarding her movements and balance.

The supermodel also performs Capoeira, which has its origin in the Brazilian culture. It is a martial art that combines dance and music with high speed and power. Adriana also vouches with yoga to give her body the required flexibility. Spinning and jogging also gets featured in her workout plans regularly.

Adriana Lima Boxing Ring

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