Chinese Advise: Tao Diet and Rules of Nutrition

As the body changes it’s needs are also changing and therefore it is important to listen your body and you allow it to what it really needs. Tao diet is not considered a real diet, but original approach to diet that does not include frustration. The quest for health must not exclude pleasure and thanks to these rules you will be healthier, you will feel better, you will balance your diet and fix your silhouette – all in just a few weeks. Well, come on, what are you waiting? Start Today!

Chinese tao diet


#Put the vegetables in the middle of the plate

According to Taoism, plant convey the energy of nature. All types of vegetables should be in the center of your plate and to dominate over other kind of food. Also the best choice is to you eat vegetables from the region where you live. As for fruits, consume it two times a day apart from meal.

#Avoid foods that are hard for digestion

Chinese stay away from dairy products, sugars, fatty meat, and any other fat. These things are difficult for digestion, makes it hard for the body and retain fluids in you.

#There is a special way of cutting and cooking

They don’t recommend consumption of raw food. Also, the food we eat should be chopped into small morsels, until vegetables are fried on a strong fire with very little oil. The food is filled with vitamins and quickly digested. The other option is to cook by steaming.

#The food should be not too hot but not too cold

Food with a much higher or lower temperature than temperature in the body, such as cold drinks, ice cream and hot soup can be very bad for your body. The ideal temperature of food should be like room temperature.

#Drink in the right way

Consume more than 1 liter of fluid per day. Thus will obtain all tissues with the necessary amount of water. Also, you should not drink during the meal or immediately after it, because with that you diluting the acid in the stomach and inconveniencing the digestion. Chinese Good drinks consider herbal teas, especially green tea, as well as ordinary water. The tea should be at a temperature of 70 degrees, no more and should forget the coffee, carbonated drinks and artificial juices.

#Properly chewing the food

Digestion begins in the mouth, thanks to enzymes from saliva. Each bite should be chewed 15 to 20 times, and it is enough to reduce the intake of food and over time to lose a few kilos.

#Forget the junk food

If you constantly nibble something, the digestive tract is never at rest. When he kept running, not accelerating, but rather slows down. That leads to accumulation of unwanted weight, feeling of bloating and digestive disorders. Therefore between two meals or snacks have to spend at least 5 to 6 hours. Also, the evening meal should be easy, and if you have an attack of hunger, it is best to drink herbal tea.

#Eat less

The purpose of the Tao diet is not to harass your stomach. Fill only 75% of its capacity – half with solid food, quarter of liquids and the last quarter should remain empty. You should eat in peace, and be fully aware of what you eat.

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