Chest Workout, Dumbbell Fly

Chest workout.

Dumbbell fly is also one of the best exercise for your chest workout day. It is targeting mainly your chest muscles, but it also has some slightly effect on your shoulder muscles. It is easy do be done, and you don’t need some special machine for it.

For beginning pick up a pair of dumbbells, holding one in each of your hand and sit down on a flat bench on its end. Lay down on the bench while keeping the dumbbells on your thighs. Your legs should be on the floor, just to make sure for balance. Once you are there raise the dumbbells on your shoulder width and level, while your upper and lower arm are making around 90 degrees angle. Keep in mind that your palms of your hands  should be facing each other while holding the dumbbells. Now raise the dumbbells up, so that your arms get almost straight. The dumbbells shouldn’t touch between, just like on picture 1. That will be your starting position.

Chest starting position

Picture 1.

Once you are ready to start the exercise slowly start lowering the dumbbells to your shoulder lever again, so that your upper and lower arms makes almost 90 degrees angle again, then repeat. Just like on picture 2, that will be your ending position.

Chest ending position

Picture 2.

In this exercise the important thing is to use the same arc of  movement while you are pushing and lowering the dumbbells. Repeat this exercise in series, around 8-10 reps per each of the series. Whenever you are done with one of your series, put the dumbbells on your thighs again, so you can switch on bigger weight. You are the one that is controlling the dumbbells weight, so make sure you don’t overweight, because you don’t want to hurt any of your muscles. For more intense, you can wary the point of your facing palms.

source: www.bodybuilding.com


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