Chest Workout, Chest Dips

Chest workout.

Chest dips is one of the best exercise for building strong chests. Not only that is targeting your chest, it is targeting your entire upper body, your shoulders, arms and your upper back as well. It is not hard to learn to properly do it, but it is for sure hard to make more reps.

For this exercise you are going to need two parallel bars where you can hold on to them. Sine you found em, hold your body with your arms over the bars, with your legs crossed over, just like on picture 1. That will be your starting position.

Starting chest

Picture 1.

Once you are ready, slowly start lowering your body with your hands. In this exercise, it is good to let your elbows bend outwards. While lowering your body, lean with your torso for some slightly angle. Continue lowering your body until your upper arms and lower arms, make 90 degrees angle just like on picture 2. You will feel the stretch in your chest once you are on that angle.

Ending chest

Picture 2.

After a short pause, start pushing your body up with your chest, while you are getting the torso back to its normal position. Make this exercise in 4 series, with 6-8 reps per each of the series. If its going easy, you can always put some kind of weight (dumbbell) between your ankles, or on a dip belt.

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source: http://www.bodybuilding.com

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