Chest Workout, Decline Barbell Bench Press

Chest workout.

Beside the normal Barbell Bench Press exercise, for more intense and better workout for your chest day, there are exercises that requires close, medium and the normal grasp on the barbell. Also there are exercises that requires incline or decline bench. In this post we will learn more about the exercise called Decline Barbell Bench Press.

Decline Barbell Bench Press is more than a good exercise for your chest. Beside that it is targeting mainly your chest muscles, it also has some slightly effects on your triceps and shoulder muscles. Adding this exercise into your workout routines, will help you to make your chest muscles more wide, round and defined. So this benefit makes this exercise perfect for your chest.

For beginning you will need a decline bench. Once you got it, put a barbell on the racks and place the weight on the barbell. Now lay down on the bench and secure your feet behind the feet support at the end of the bench, so you won’t fall of of it. With your both hands pick up the barbell from the racks and hold it over you, with your arms fully extended and straight. Your palms should point upwards. Like on picture 1, that will be your starting position.

Starting position chest

Picture 1.

Whenever you are ready to start the exercise, slowly start lowering the barbell to your chest. While you are lowering the barbell, make sure you keep your elbows closer to your body. Continue lowering the barbell until you feel it on your chest muscles. Once it hits them, make a short pause. Just like on picture 2, that will be your ending position.

Ending position chest

Picture 2.

When the pause is over, start lifting the barbell again, to its starting position. Make this exercise in 4 series, each time making 8-10 reps. It is always good to have someone to watch over you, because you are making this exercise right over your head. Also don’t overweight the barbell, because you don’t want any of your muscles to get hurt.

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source: http://www.bodybuilding.com

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