Body Workout, T-Pushups

T-Pushups, full body exercise.

T-Pushups is a good workout routine that is targeting your full body muscles. It is easy to make it, and you can do it at home too. So all you need is to get on your regular pushups position like on picture 1(A).

Full body exercise

Picture 1.

You can add dumbbells too, if you want to increase the intensity of the workout. So after you are on your starting position for pushups, take one hand off the ground and raise it straight in the air, making a T-shape with your body like on picture 1(D), then switch the hands. Your eyes should focus on the raised hand. Keep doing this workout in series, with 10-15 pushups.

Rotating hands pushups, full body exercise

Picture 2.

Your workout is done here.

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