The Biggest Beauty Mistakes That Make you Older

The Biggest Beauty Mistakes That Make you OlderThe selection of hairstyles and hair color, the way of makeup and highlight problematic areas on your face can affect the achievement of an older look. Therefore, it is important to release the following error. While investing money on the latest serums and masks to rejuvenation, it turns out that there are some things that we do wrong in our daily beauty routine which results in achieving an older look.

In other words it is important to properly adjust the shape of eyebrows, hair, make-up or color that suits on your skin type, hair, or the single years.

Therefore, we present to you 8 biggest beauty mistakes that make you to look older:

1. When you have unformed eyebrows

We believe that eyebrow pencil can become your favored product, which will be a great way to create and fill the form of your eyebrows. Most makeup artist will tell you that if you add the dense, somewhat bushy eyebrows will make you younger. Select the quality eyebrow pencil in a shade that matches with the tone of the skin and hair.

2. When you avoid using a primer

If you have a problem with fine lines of wrinkles that make you still unhappy, let us introduce you to the primer. Most primers are made of a large number of ingredients, such as hyaluronic acid and some types of silicone which filled your wrinkles in a great way, make the skin smooth and shiny, which makes an excellent base.

If you normally have a denominated dark circles or bags in the form of dark circles, instead concealer, opt for a primer with excellent skin effect and ingredients that make the skin soft and toned. After the primer, apply a thin layer of concealer that should be applied with a brush.

3. When you have a monotonous, dead hair color

Boring, monotonous and one-dimensional hair color can make you look older. According to numerous studies, healthy (shiny, smooth and thick) piece indicates the health and fertility. Try home treatment for glow that will greatly help while you go to the hairdresser.

4. When ignoring your hands and chest

Of course, even if you’re wearing sunscreen on your face every day, chances are you may be neglecting other parts of your body. “Your hands, neck, and chest are also exposed to sun on a daily basis, and women tend to forget about protecting them the same way they do their face,” says Dr. Grossman. “But these are the areas we tend to see a lot of brown spots and wrinkles—they can be a dead giveaway, even if your face looks really youthful.” Use SPF for your hand and chest every day.

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5. When choosing a bad eyeliner technique

Sharp, thick eyeliner can do the elderly, especially if is only apply to lower lashes. Think of it this way: Why do you want to add more shadows on the problematic part of the face? Instead, choose a creamy silk pencil in black or brown, and then mix them together and apply on the face.

6. When using a shining blush

Blush should always look natural and youthful, so it does not overdo choice too bright colors or glitter. Soft cream blush is the best way to add a little transpiration his face, but also to moisturize.

7. When you have a hairstyle that make you older

The selection of hairstyles and hair care can completely transform the shape of your face. It is especially important that blunt ends greatly added to the year. Instead, provide your hair stylist slightly longer degree that should remain as thick as possible in order to frame the face and soften the sharp lines.

8. When you paint in the color of dark, ashen

Did you know that dark, ashen give gray tone to your skin? Therefore, always choose warm tones such as caramel, and framing the face highlight technique that will beautify and unify your complexion, and the same time will make you look much younger.

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