Biceps Workout, Ez-Bar Curl

Biceps workout.

This exercise is for pumping your biceps muscles only, and it is one of the most important exercises to do. With doing this exercise properly, i assure you that the effects will be shown in just 2 weeks.

For beginning, you will need a curl barbell placed on the floor. Adjust your weight on the bar by adding some weights on both of the sides of the bar. As soon as you have selected your proper weight, pick up the barbell and stand straight with your body. Keep your elbows closer to your body, just like on picture 1. That will be your starting position.

Starting position biceps

Picture 1.

While keeping your upper arms closer to your body, in one position, stationary, start lifting the bar. Do not let your elbows to flex. Lift the bar slowly until you don’t stretch your biceps muscles fully, just like on picture 2. That will be your ending position.

Ending position biceps

Picture 2.

Once you got to your ending position, make a short pause, about 1-2 seconds, then slowly lower the bar to its starting position. Make this exercise in 4 series. Do around 12-15 reps per each of the series with 3 minutes pause between them. Make sure you don’t overweight the bar, you don’t want to hurt any of your muscles.

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