Biceps Workout, Concentration Curls

Biceps workout.

The Concentration Curls is exercise that is targeting your biceps muscles mostly, but it also has huge effects on your forearms too. It is exercise that is developing your arms, making your biceps muscles defined and full with strength. Without the contract of your other muscles, this exercise is a little bit hard to be done, but making it properly even with low weight dumbbells will give you good effects.

For beginning you will need a flat bench with one dumbbell in front of it. Now sit down on the bench with your knees spread out and the dumbbell placed on the floor between your legs. Pick up the dumbbell with your right hand first, making sure that the back of your upper hand is placed on the top of your right thigh. Your palms should be facing forward, the opposite way of your thigh. Also your arm should be fully extended. Just like on picture 1, that will be your starting position.

Starting position biceps

Picture 1.

Whenever you are ready to start the exercise, start lifting the dumbbell up. In this exercise the important thing is to make moves only with your forehand. Make sure your upper arm is stationary all the time. Continue lifting the dumbbell until it comes to your shoulder level. On that point your biceps muscles will be fully contracted. When you hit the shoulder level with the dumbbell make a short pause, just like on picture 2. That will be your ending position.

Ending position biceps

Picture 2.

As soon as the short pause is over, start lowering the dumbbell slowly back to its starting position. Make about 8-10 reps with your right hand, then switch to your left hand and do the same work. 3 series are enough in this exercises so that you will feel the strength in your muscles. Make sure you don’t pick overweight dumbbell because you don’t want to hurt your middle back, or any of your other muscles.

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source: http://www.bodybuilding.com

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