Natural Oils for Healthy Benefits of Your Hair

natural_oilsOils are the best solution, because your hair gives elasticity and softness. As the cold and windy weather is not favorable for our hair to make it shiny and beautiful it needs proper cultivation. 

But not every oil is good for your hair. Depending on the level of damage, choose your nurturing preparation.

If you have problems with the scalp, dandruff bothers you, dermatitis or you want fast growth of your hair, it is an ideal blend of almond and castor oil. This oil hair a healthy look and enhance its density, especially castor oil accelerates its growth. Almond nourishes the scalp, calms him and so reduces skin flakes. You can combine 3 tablespoons of almond oil in a bowl with a torn hibiscus flower and three tablespoons of castor oil, then warm the mixture slightly and apply it to the scalp and massage it in for 10 minutes. Wrap your head in a towel and leave the mixture in place for an hour, then wash the oil away with shampoo.

If you want to “fix” split ends, ideal is coconut oil. It prevents further damage to the hair, especially if it is chemically treated, such as coloring, perm, and the like.  Also applying coconut oil to the hair can reduce protein loss that can leave the hair dull and damaged. Massage the oil into your hair after showering to help damaged hair regrow and to address the damage from hygral fatigue. Massaging coconut oil into the scalp is known to help reduce dryness that can lead to dandruff. The antimicrobial properties of this oil may also be effective in killing off lice or their eggs.

If you have thinning hair, pure castor oil without impurities is ideal for you, because it will give fullness, shine and density. Castor oil is best for strengthen of fibers, regrowth, shine. Prevent hair loss, split ends, dandruff or dry scalp.

If you have normal hair and you want to stay shiny and nourished, the best choice is olive oil. His composition of foodstuffs, olive oil will nourish your hair, give it a fresh and healthy appearance and prevent damage. This certainly includes it being a great moisturizer for scalp, deep conditioner, and it also helps to eliminate dandruff. It’s really great for making the hair stronger as well as promoting healthy hair growth. You have some good antioxidants in there too, which is why this is definitely on my list of super nourishing oils to use in your hair.

In addition to hair, vegetable oils are good for skin care, so do not hesitate to once a week instead of lotion use some of these oils.

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