Best Colors for Your Nails This Year

Beautiful and neat nails always been such a full and perfect look of every lady, because the care of nails can reveal much about the habits of a woman. Therefore, it’s no wonder that from season to season pays great attention to the trends that relate to making manicurists. Besides your hair and face, your nails are the last frontier for really expressing yourself with beauty trends. Thankfully, more tools, tricks, and brands  are cropping up every month. So there will always be new ways to get creative with nail art.

#Dark blue nails

Nail in dark blue color pose no novelty when it comes to trends in manicures, but this year they will receive their upgrade. This upgrade is reflected in the introduction flashes in the same color, which gets a new, brighter tone. Whether you opt for a classic dark blue nails decorated with details in the form of flashing or shimmering nail polish in dark blue color, do not miss the chance this year to be a trend.

  dark blue flashing, matte nails

#Dark beige nails

Let the pale and gentle pink colors of nail polish, because this is the most current soft creams and beige tones that were fashionable in the 70s of last century. As fashion always comes back and beige nails will be attractive detail of each view, especially if you opt for darker shades of these colors.

beige nails

#Charcoal gray nails

Dark gray nail color of coal will be a big trend this year. But it is a trend that is not for everyone, and who is not entirely atypical choice for today’s girl, so it will be an excellent choice if you want to be bold, different and experiment with the details that complement your style.

charcoal grey nails

#Red nails

Classic returns to the scene of beauty this year, so one of the most prevalent color manicure is just red. Feminine, striking and modern, classic red polish is perfect for any girl who wants to leave an impression of true lady, and is excellent for cold winter days, when should fit perfectly with the white snow.

red nails

#Metallic silver nails

Metallic nails continue to be the trend this year, while among the nuances that will be present, of course, dominates silver. So do not miss the chance this year to do manicures in metallic silver, which you can bring in all sorts of occasions and weather conditions.

metallic silver nails

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