Awesome Ideas About How to Wear a White Shirt

One of the basic pieces in the wardrobe of every modern woman, white shirt, perhaps for many is one of the most boring patterns, reminiscent of the rigors of business appearance. But more seasons fashion bloggers and trendsetters show that this seemingly sterile and rigid piece can be flexible and ideal for many fashion combinations.

Besides the already well-known classical combinations with jeans, midi skirt and colorful skirts, this season try to experiment not only with pieces that would combine this shirt, but the way you bring, and the shape of the shirt. You can wear as a dress, as top and underwear, you can put it upside down. To a combined with male pieces and sneakers, retro patterns, and to violate the rules, combining it with white, sportswear and worn and torn jeans.

  • Shirt instead of a dress

Instead fit model, which emphasizes your line this season choose some white shirt with bigger numbers  or borrow it from boy’s wardrobe. Big shirt can serve as a dress. If you have carried with skinny jeans or leggings, try this spring it to be the main piece and the base around which will revolve styling.

White Shirt Dress

  • Combine with a white

If this looked too sterile and as a combination of doctors, is now one of the most wear and alumni stajlinzi. White shirt merge it with a white skirt or white pants. The choice of accessories can be endless. From colorful, to one colored, gold silver and black pieces. When colder with boots and coat thicker and warmer days with sandals, sneakers and slippers.

White with White

  • Dressed upside down buttoned behind

In the street fashion everything is permitted. Creative girls knows how to wear ordinary pieces in an unusual way. So it’s no wonder and you can see all wearing shirts upside down. Although it sounds ridiculous and impractical, several girls caught by photographers in the streets of the fashion centers, carry with great panache and style. If you’re so brave, combine with jeans, pants and skirt dressed according to regulations to be effective idea, and not to appear like you have been confused with dressing.

Upside Down White Shirt

  • Aimed at trendy pieces

If you want your styling to highlight the trendy models skirt or trousers, ideal way is to choose a basic top piece, like a white top shirt or blouse with stripes, and in this case a great idea and white shirt. With wide trousers, skirts with pleated midi models of skirt, and chippers jeans will get elegant and chic variation combined with classic white shirt. This combination will function awesome in your business look.

White Shirt with trousers

  • Under the dress

The classic way of wearing a shirt under a sweater or coat now have new variations. You can wear under tops, under dress, corset, vest, jacket or under coveralls. Thus, in this way the white shirt will do its task of basic garment. Dressed under formal dress can give flavor to office outfit.

Under the dress

  • Multiple layered and not expected mix

White shirts can be on multiple layers, whether it is casual or more classic variant. Тhe key of this look is – the shirt must be visible from several angles. Once jackets, bomber jackets and shoes they have made their way into the most desirable and most worn pieces which combine with everything and white shirt. In fact it is a chic combination that you can also wear in office.

Multiple layered

  • With threadbare jeans

Torn and retro models of jeans that have a comeback this year, is one of the most common and most successful combinations of white shirt. There are no restrictions on what shape will be shirt, is always important to feel comfortable with it.  Combine with a bomber jacket or leather, high heels, low boots with platform shoes or some neon shade.

Worn Jeans and White Shirt combinations

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