Astro Diet: Eating According to Your Zodiac Sign

Except that astrology offers advice and tells what will be happen next day, week, year, etc., can help to choose what kind of diet works for you. According to astrological life coach and counselor, Gillian Knowles claimed that the stars influence what food you should consume. Read more below.

Astro diet

Astro diet for ARIES

Aries are ready to start a new diet from which will expect quick results, but quickly lose interest. For them it is important to have that to compete because it will give them extra motivation. Aries, focus more of protein rather than carbohydrates.

Astro diet for TAURUS

Taureans want to eat, and the hunger aren’t going so out of hand. For them it is best to eat healthy foods in moderate portions, rather than keep a strict diet. Once they decide to adhere to a healthy diet, will not easily give up. Main advice is to avoid heavy meals and foods rich in sugars.

Astro diet for GEMINI

Geminis want to do more things at once, so for them the ideal combination is diet and exercise. Given that they are constantly active, easily burn calories, so this combination is not a particular problem. However, it is desirable to eat more home-prepared meals and somewhere where can sit, than food to go. They should avoid fast food.

Astro diet for CANCER

This is the sign of the nurturer and of course food and nutrition are all part of being nourished and cared for. You are likely to use food to help you to deal with painful emotions and so the attitude you take towards a diet is important. Cancerians are nurturers and love to comfort eat, so should avoid unhealthy foods eaten in their childhoods. There may be a temptation to have a secret little store of non-diet goodies to dip into – but you know that would not be taking your real needs into consideration. The idea of following a diet program doesn’t appeal to them.

Astro diet for LEO

For Lions it is important to satisfied with themselves and diet to allow to them even greater confidence. New ways of eating embrace with enthusiasm, and have sufficient strength to withstand. Advice for them is rich sauces to replace them with lighter marinades.

Astro diet for VIRGO

Virgins are practical and methodical. For them, the meal plan is very important, and often know and keep a diary with specially imported nutrients per day. They do not want quick diets and prone to perfectionism which means they are strict with themselves. It is best to consume organic food that will avoid allergies.

Astro diet for LIBRA

Despite so many diets, for the Libras is difficult to choose just one. Often changing ways of eating because it becomes monotonous. They have enough motivation to follow proper eating habits. Advice for them is to choose foods rich in potassium, such as bananas, fish and yogurt.

Astro diet for SCORPIO

Scorpios have the strongest will of all zodiac signs, so they easily can follow a strict diet. They will do everything possible to achieve the desired results. Finally, they enjoy the compliments from others on account of their appearance. They need to import more raw food.

Astro diet for SAGITTARIUS

Sagittarians enjoy to set high goals and reach them, but they may lose the desire if they don’t notice results immediately. Abstinence can fall hard because they are prone to exaggeration. Sour cream, salt and sugar have healthier substitution, so try to stick to this rule.

Astro diet for CAPRICORN

Capricorns want constant progress towards the goal. They don’t require success overnight. Renunciation of a particular food is not a problem for them, but should not exaggerate too strict diets. Calcium is especially important for this horoscope sign.

Astro diet for AQUARIUS

Aquarian are innovative and original, so often choose unusual ways to maintain the slim line. If a diet accept as way of life, nothing will be problematic for them. They knew when to stop with eating, but need a little more careful of alcohol.

Astro diet for PISCES

The Pisces are very difficult to find the right diet, and even harder to endure. For them it is best to do a combination of healthy diet with exercises like dancing, yoga or meditation. They need to import larger quantities of liquids.

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