Amazing Tricks: How to Waterproof Your Shoes?

Keep your shoes dry and waterproof!

As rainy and snowy seasons draw near, it’s time to find winter robe and waterproof all your favorite, as your canvas shoes. You have to keep your toes warm and dry. Here’s a easy way to waterproof your canvas shoes using nothing but beeswax and a blow dryer. Waterproofing is the key to protecting more delicate materials. See how we recommend you protect your shoes.

Do it your self using nothing but:

  • beeswax;
  • blow dryer;
  • rubber gloves;
  • shoes!

Rub the beeswax over the entirety of the shoe. Use dish washing gloves or rubber gloves, throw those on to keep your hands clean. The beeswax washes off pretty easily though so this isn’t crucial.

Waterproof Shoes

Next, use a blow dryer to seal the deal. Melt the wax all over the shoe then let set for about 5 minutes before wearing! Splash a little water to test out your new waterproof shoes.

This trick is so much cheaper and easier than buying a bottle of waterproof spray at the store! The best part is that there’s no harsh chemicals floating around afterwards.

We recommended the video below to see how it’s done:



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