ABS Workout, Decline Oblique Crunch

There is no man or woman that doesn’t wants to have their “six pack” ready for the summer. To do so, you need to workout hard to make the abs muscles, just like you workout hard for the rest of the muscles. To have the abs ready for the summer, you should at least workout for 4 months to have some results on them. But we have exercises that can give you some slightly effects in a month, if you are dedicated and commitment to your workout. So just like you have a day workout for each muscles of your body, you should have a day workout for your abs muscles too, or at least increase the workout day for 30 minutes so that you can workout your abs beside the other muscles.

Decline Oblique Crunch is a great exercise that targets mainly your abs muscles, but it also have some slightly effects on your back muscles.

For beginning you need to lie down on a decline bench and secure the legs at the end of the bench. Now put your right hand behind your head, so that the elbow is pointing outwards, and your left hand on your left leg thigh. Just like on picture 1, that will be your starting position.

Starting position ABS

Picture 1.

Whenever you are ready for the exercise, slowly raise your upper body from the bench while you rotate your torso. Rotate your torso to the hand that is laying down on your thigh. While performing this exercise, make sure that your elbow is always pointing outwards. Also make sure that your knees are on shoulder width apart. Continue raising your upper body until you feel that your abs muscles are fully contracted. Just like on picture 2, that will be your ending position.

Ending position ABS

Picture 2.

When you hit the point where your abs muscles are fully contracted, make a short pause before you slowly start moving back your upper body to its starting position. Make about 15-20 reps with your right hand behind your head, than 15-20 reps with your left hand behind your head, and the right hand on your right leg thigh. Don’t make pause while you are switching hands. Make this exercise in 3 series.

source: http://musqle.com

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