6 Stylish Ways to Wear a Scarf This Season

Scarf can do so many thing. They can add color to your look, keep you warm, or serve as an alternative to a necklace. Forget the standard ways of binding and steal these little tricks of fashion bloggers! Scarves. It never left you enough of accessories!

The main reason? They can be worn in a thousand ways: from the curve on head to tie around the neck, as well as ornamental, chic belt around the waist!

This effective accessory is great when you need a casual but chic outfit and be sure that it will always break the monotony of your look. As we said, there are countless ways to style, and we are thrilled with those which are presented by blogger.

Keep scrolling for all the ways you can wear a scarf this season.

  • Bandana in cowboy style

This multi-functional scarf in previous seasons is wore in various ways, and now the blogger Camille Charriere showed a new trick. Instead of wearing it around your neck like a tie, it’s the time for cowboy style, facing forward.

Bandana cowboy style

  • Thin scarf instead of belt

If your denim shorts needed refreshment, then just take thin scarf instead of a belt. For the best effect, tie it aside.


  • Bandana around the neck

Another cowboy style that is presented by blogger Anum Bashir with her blog Desert Mannequin. She went one step further and his bandanna was tied around his neck with effective brooch.

brooce scarf

  • Scarf as a choker

Next chic way of styling is based on choker necklace. In fact, the scarf is tied to the neck, while the ends are turned toward the back of the neck.

scarf as a choker

  • Scarf around the waist

Susanna Fernandez with blog A key to the Armoire loves to wear scarves in unusual, romantic and feminine ways. This time, modeled by the style of Audrey Hepburn, she has wore a silky scarf around her waist. So stylish!

Scarf around the waist

  •  Scarf with same print as the piece of clothing

If you want to get totally chic, and a little urban outfit, steal a little trick from blogger Pandora Sykes. She was wore a scarf in an identical pattern blazers and has made a very powerful look!


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